The Cutest Retro Japanese Style Kitty Stationery Series!

The Cutest Retro Japanese Style Kitty Stationery Series!

Hi there! We're in love with retro stationery and one of our favorite series is from Furukawashiko Retro Diary line. This line has a particular series of Black Cats that is great for not only stationery lovers but also Kitty Lovers! It's meowing GREAT!

What we like about their items are, they are made in Japan and most of them use a special Mino-washi paper that has a 1300 year old tradition. Their paper has a heavenly touch! 

The retro design is inspired from Showa Japan (1926 - 1989). That makes this Black Cat Retro Diary Series truly unique and will make your friends jealous. 

Our 5 Favorites from the Black Cat Retro Diary Series

1. Black Cat and Flowers Letter Set

Black Cat and Flowers Letter Set

Remember the old days when we used to actually send letters in the mail? It's something that we wish would come back! If you're here and looking for a letter set then this one is great since not only does it bring us back to a time where letters were still being sent but the person on the receiving end will absolutely love the cute black cat and flower design!

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2. Cafe Black Cat Memo

Cafe Black Cat Memo

We're totally weak to letter sets and memo pads, so this catch is basically both in one! You can use the little papers are a short letter to a friend or co-worker or write a quick memo for yourself. The retro matchbox design makes it extra cute and you continue using the box even after you finish using the paper inside.

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3. To Do Memo Pad

To Do Memo Pad

Looking for a productive day but don't feel inspired with your boring to-do list? Use this memo pad for a meownderfully cute inspiration to get things done. It's a small but nice addition to anyone's stationery collection and will surely bring a smile each time you work on your to-do list.

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4. Flake Stickers

Flake Stickers

Want to add a unique and cute addition to your sticker collection? This set of flake stickers is the purr-fect choice! The size is perfect for sealing envelopes but you won't want to stop there. Use them on notebooks, phone cases, scrapbooks, or anything you'd like to give a cute retro feeling.

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5. Washi Tape

Washi Tape

This Retro style Washi tape is a great addition for any crafter or scrapbooker / journaler's collection. Wonderful to use for wrapping, notebook deocration, sealing letters or whatever creative ideas come to mind!

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Share Your Collection

We can't get enough of this retro stationery or Kitty Stationery in general. If you'd like to share your collection with us, share your post on Instagram with #LoveKittyStationery. We'll be choosing a winner every two months for a special Kitty Stationery present. 

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