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Retro Diary Cafe Black Cat Memo

Retro Diary Cafe Black Cat Memo

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This is a matchbox memo set using Mino-washi paper, a tradition paper with over 1300 years of history from Mino City in Gifu, Japan. It has 35 sheets of memo's in the box full of Japan's Showa era retro feel. It's a great addition to any journaler's collection but also a cute way to send a note to your fellow black cat friend. The best thing about this set is you can still use the box even after finishing the memo notes.


Size: Sheets Approx. 2.48 in x 1.77 in (63 mm × 45 mm)

Package size: Box Approx. 2.87 in x 2.08 in x 0.70in (73 mm × 53 mm × 18 mm)

Notes: Retro Diary / Made in Japan

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