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Retro Diary Black Cat Washi Flake Stickers

Retro Diary Black Cat Washi Flake Stickers

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These washi flake stickers are super cute and nostalgic with retro signboards and interesting designs from a time long ago. Stick them on notebooks, stationery, journals or really anything that you would like to give a retro look reminiscent of the Showa era of Japan.

Translation of stickers:

  • Kuroneko Dayori: Mail from Kuroneko
  • Genki: How are you?
  • Itsumo Arigatou: Thank you as always
  • Kuroneko yori fu: Unopen (used when sealing an envelope)
  • Kuroneko Otegami: A letter from Kuroneko


Count: 20 total stickers (5 patterns of 4 each)

Size: Approx. 2.95 in x 3.14 in (75 mm x 80 mm)

Notes: Made in Japan

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