About Your Account

Our website features easy to use customer accounts.

Create a New Account

All you have to do is go to log in page from here and enter your email to receive a six-digit code to create your account and then access thereafter.

You'll be able to see your order history and status and saved addresses just by using your email. It also will save your information for future orders on our website.

How to Log in

Are you looking for your password? Don't worry, you didn't set a password to begin with! We use a one time code system instead.

You can go to log in page from here and enter your registered email. We'll send you a six-digit one time code to log in and access your account.

Delete Your Account

It's sad to see you leave us but it's understandable. Please contact us at info@kittystationery.com from the email you use for your account. We may ask you several questions for security reasons.

Once we verify it's your account, we'll delete your account.