Mother's Day Gift Essentials: KittyStationery Edition

Mother's Day Gift Essentials: KittyStationery Edition

Mother's Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to show your appreciation with some Kitty Stationery Gifts! They're an excellent way to make a mom feel special and this isn't limited to human moms but also all the kitty mom's out there!

5 Kitty Items That will Make Your Mom Happy 

1. Lunch Bag Tote - Matsuneko

Lunch Bag Tote - Matsuneko

If you're looking for a useful gift for your cat loving mom a Kitty Lunch Bag to brighten up her lunch while at work will do just the trick. This cute but angry looking kitty Matsuneko is sure to be the talk of the lunch room. Not only is it cute but it's also functional with pockets both inside and outside of the bag.

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2. Kitty Face Fan

Kitty Face Fan

This fan will be a great gift for the upcoming summer season but can also be used as a decoration when not in use. It comes with a case so it easily fits inside a bag to take and use anywhere that your mom is going. With a cute cat face design it's sure to bring compliments from all cat lovers and make any hot day a little more enjoyable.

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3. Yellow Cat Flat Pouch - Chika Takei

Yellow Cat Flat Pouch - Chika Takei

This stylish pouch is great to store a lot of different things including stationery! It's purrfect as a small gift by itself or to hold something inside to make it even more special. You can also add a cute keychain for an extra special touch or simply use it to attach it to a bag to make it easier to find.

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4. UtataNe Cellphone Stand Kitty (Pink Couch)

 UtataNe Cellphone Stand Kitty (Pink Couch)

We're in an age where everyone is attached to their cellphone so what present to give then an accessory for a mom's beloved device. It's great for watching cute cat videos to relax or simply to hold their beloved phone when not in use. It also serves as a great desk decoration even if not holding a phone.

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5. Kitty in Buddha Position Tote Bag

Kitty in Buddha Position Tote Bag

This one might be our personal favorite on the list. This tote bag is not only a great size to hold books but it can also fit your wallet and personal belongings you need when going out in the city. It has both an inner and outer pocket to make things easy to find and comes with a top zipper to keep thing secure. Of course we want to say we're sold on the functionality but in reality the cat in buddha position is just too cute to pass up.

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Share Your Collection

These are just a few options for cat-tastic goods but it's far from everything. We would love to see what Kitty goods you got for your mom or fellow cat mom's! Share what you got with #LoveKittyStationery on Instagram. We're having a drawing every two months for some Cute Kitty Goods. 

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